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Q: How do I know which mount will fit my screen ?
A: Go to our ‘What will fit my screen’ section. Choose your screen make and model, it will then give you a choice of mounts that will fit. Very simple, but very effective.
Q: What is VESA
A: VESA (VIDEO ELECTRONICS STANDARD ASSOCIATION) is an industry standard for the positioning of the fixing points on the back of screens. VESA standards fixing positions are:
75 x 75mm
100 x 100 mm
200 x 100 mm
200 x 200mm
400 x 200mm
Q: Are Troy mounts VESA standard size ?
A: Troy mounts are stated as VESA standard when applicable to the screen size.
Q: What if my screen is not VESA standard fitting ?
A: A number of Troy mounts are Universal. They will fit VESA and NON-VESA screens fittings. See the screen fitter page to find out which mounts will suit your screen.
Q: How do I hide my cables and screws ?
A: Troy mounts have full cable management (where applicable) and moulded covers that simply hide screws and wall fixings making it a very simple job.
Q: Do the Troy mounts have the right screws to mount my screen ?
A: Each mount comes with a selection of screw fittings and various sizes to ensure that they will fit your screen.
Q: Can I install the mount myself ?
A: A competent DIY enthusiast can install a mount. They come with full instructions and fitting templates * (where applicable). You can also see our ‘ Help with Installation guide’ for a step by step instruction. Troy do recommend that if you seek the advice of a Qualified Tradesmen to install the mount. ALWAYS ensure that your screen is within the stated maximum screen weight for the mount.
Q: What is the best position for my screen ?
A: This is entirely up to you. It depends on the space available with the correct type of wall to mount the screen and the position that you feel you will be best viewing it from.
Q: What are the options for mounting my screen ?
A: Wall mounts mainly fit in to the three following options:
Flat to the wall
For those who want a screen mounted very close to the wall only.
For those who want screen that sits close to the wall and can be tilted to alter the viewing angle.
Extended arm.
For those who want full viewing flexibility. This is ideal for corners and large rooms where the screen will be viewed from different positions at different times.